Readymade Mother’s Group

As I left you in my last blog post, it was early January; we had passed 12 weeks and were extremely excited about the impending arrival of our first child.

In February I turned 30 and to celebrate Pete organised a night out with friends in the city: eating good food, laughing the night away and for the first time in my, and a number of pregnant friends adult lives, sticking strictly to ‘mocktails’ and waking up the next day feeling fresh! Excitement was growing as our bellies got bigger and I looked forward to the day where we could celebrate and watch our children grow up together as well as support each other through our ‘Readymade Mother’s Group’ (I was 1 of 12 in our extended friendship group, and 1 of 17 women at work who were pregnant).

Our 20 week scan was booked for the end of February, and with it the opportunity to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. I liked the idea of not finding out and leaving it as a surprise but being a highly organised person I was equally driven to find out. Given I was torn as to whether to find out the sex of our baby, I let Pete know he could have the final decision. He said he didn’t mind and handballed the decision back to me (story of our marriage)! I couldn’t make up my mind. Yes we’ll find out. No we’ll leave it as a surprise. Yes. No. Yes. No…and there I was lying on the bed, about to have my scan, the cold ultrasound gel already on my belly…”Pete, I want to find out”.

And there SHE was.

A little girl.

Growing very well, just like her first scan, still measuring in over a week ahead of our original due date. She kicked, waved and even weed as we watched her on the TV screen. Pete cried again – secretly he’d been hoping for a girl, and couldn’t contain his joy. Up popped the 3D image and just when we thought we couldn’t love her any more, we did. She was pretty cute, and the girl trend was continuing in our family; my Mum and Dad would soon be welcoming their fourth granddaughter (no grandsons). Little did we know it would be a lot sooner than we all expected.

Lily waving again, this time at 20 weeks

Lily waving again, this time at 20 weeks

Did we make the right decision finding out the sex of our baby? For us, absolutely, as I felt knowing would give Pete a stronger connection to our baby, which it did. We were also extremely fortunate to receive all our Goddaughter’s baby clothes that she’d grown out of. We started talking about names now that we knew we were having a girl. Pete liked the name Lily, after his 94 year old Nan, Lillian, and so for the time being “Lily” replaced the nickname “1 Metre”. We never did get around to adding any more names to our list…

February rolled into March and my maternal and nesting instincts were kicking in. Our spare bedroom, which was to become the baby room now resembled a warehouse for all kinds of hand me down baby paraphernalia given to us by friends…it was an absolute mess! I was ready to sort it out, however, with Pete’s race on the horizon, we kept putting it off “After Ironman. We’ll do it all after Ironman.”

Pete was probably the fittest he’d ever been and I looked forward to supporting him on race day, Sunday 23 March 2014, and then finally preparing Lily’s room…

Much love,

Next Thursday, 17th July, is what would have been Lily’s due date. As this day approaches I can feel my emotions rising to the surface. This week has been very tough and I’m not sure what next week will hold. In my next blog post, I will take a break from recalling the events of Lily’s premature birth to give you an insight into the day to day challenges we are currently facing.

One thought on “Readymade Mother’s Group

  1. Krik, thinking of you all today. What you’re doing in sharing your story with such grace is incredible. With love, xxxxoooo

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