Many thanks to Tribal Training

David Nanfra accepts his $5000 prize pack from Leon Nardela of Giant Ormond.

David Nanfra accepts his $5000 prize pack from Leon Nardela of Giant Ormond.

Last week Tribal Training held a celebration for the start of the 2014-2015 triathlon season. As part of the celebrations a private raffle was held for all Tribal members, their family and friends. Giant Ormond donated a $5000 prize pack which was won by David Nanfra, and Tribal Training very generously gave half of the proceeds from the raffle to the Lilyroo Fund.

Tribal Training head coach, Andy Sleeman, said “Tribal Training is very proud to support the Lilyroo Fund through this donation and beyond. We have a strong link to the Lilyroo Fund as most of their committee are either current or former Tribal athletes.”

Lilyroo Fund founder, Kristie Lockyer commented “On behalf of the whole Lilyroo Fund committee Pete and I would like to thank: Andy for organising the Tribal raffle, Leon Nardella from Giant Ormond and all the Tribal members and wider community for entering the raffle and continuing to support Tribal and the Lilyroo Fund.
We have set an ambitious goal of raising $200,000 in our first year for the purchase of much needed medical equipment for the Royal Women’s Hospital NISC unit. The donation from Tribal moves us one step closer to achieving this goal.”

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