Road Rash Kit partners with Lilyroo Ride

Road Rash Kit

Media statement

The Lilyroo Fund is pleased to announce that cycling first aid training and kit provider Road Rash Kit will partner with the inaugural Lilyroo Ride, to be held in 2015.

Road Rash Kit founder Matthew Nebbs said “We are the product we hope you never get to use but falling off your bike is a truth shared by all who ride. By each rider carrying their own Road Rash Kit, being trained in how to use the kit and many other cycling injury scenarios, the riders and all involved will be prepared which ultimately will result in a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. Road Rash Kit and Real First Aid are delighted to be involved with the Lilyroo Ride”.

Commenting on the partnership with Road Rash Kit, Lilyroo Ride Director Mark Watkin said: “We’re delighted Road Rash Kit is partnering with the Lilyroo Ride. Road Rash Kit is such a smart idea and well thought through in its execution. The fact that all riders will have this kit and first aid training aligns perfectly with our approach to safety on the ride. We of course hope we will not need to use the kits or first aid training but knowing what to do and being prepared is essential. The Lilyroo Ride is looking forward to working with Matt and the Road Rash Kit team.”

Road Rash Kit was established in 2014 as a provider of small, portable first aid kits for cyclists, designed specifically to treat road rash injuries at the scene. Together, with their partner business, Real First Aid, Road Rash Kit also provides real life, scenario based cycling specific first aid training courses, all with a view to making cycling a safer and more enjoyable sport.

For more information please contact us.

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