Bish Bash Bozz – a riders perspective of Day 1

The Inaugural Lilyroo Riders outside the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide

The Inaugural Lilyroo Riders outside the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide

Firstly, congratulations and hats off to the committee and volunteers involved for the briefing last night. We all loved hearing about what the ride means to everyone. But the biggest take away message was that socks are a big deal – sock colour AND sock height!

Young Lachie Kerin found this out the hard way. By wearing the wrong coloured socks he was required to start the day, before a kilometre had been ridden, with 20 push ups. Leon Nardella had to follow suit due to wearing the wrong knicks but showed exemplary technique. In Dimity’s opinion, “Lachie could learn a lot from Leon!”

All the Lilyroo vehicles are great but by far our fav is the catering truck. We kicked the day off with a ‘light’ breakfast, which was far from the case, and the sight of Claire and Sharon and their truck kept us going toward the next stop. Boz has been selected as a case study for what a typical LilyRoo rider will consume over the 7 days so you can see what’s on offer and required to get a rider through 1156 kms.

We kept mechanical incidents to a minimum which was great. Paul showed us that 300 games of AFL gives you leg strength that can snap a crank in half! We were impressed!

Now we heard about the volunteers and while Mary and Ian were enjoying the view and the action up ahead, the competitive rowing coach was itching to be at the front of the peloton. But as riders the safety was exceptional given all of the communication between volunteers. Regarding the ride itself, the calling was great. Lots of passionate ‘rising, single, double, gravel on the left’. Took some time to find our mojo, quite slow getting out of Adelaide but everyone stayed patient and was very supportive. And a nice little cheeky lung burner to kick us off after only 20km. Keep the nutrition up given that we can be in the saddle for a long time. The main lesson from today was that we functioned as a group far better, not to mention it being more enjoyable when we kept a consistent rhythm and stayed together.

– Bozza, Dimity, Mary and Mike