A Watto Bomb – Day 3 Rider Summary


174km seems somewhat palatable after riding 240km, but it was another day for the hard men.

The headwinds and crosswinds were back to play – but the peloton was in amazing spirits, backing up with pro like organisation and communication from start to finish.

As our aching bodies churned into gear, the amazing organising team were ever present at the front and leading the way with Huge Pecks, Ray, Boz, the resident pro Lachie, Adrian, Tom, Ash and the Big american Mike, all doing some solid turns.

With very little protection from the cross winds, the entire team rallied together to defend – a special mention to Dim, who sat on the outside majority of the day protecting all the boys.

Some other notable efforts:

– Scott, Good Times and Chris overcoming injuries and back in the saddle.
– Cuzzy for his consistent efforts despite his injury. His late in the day quick change and running back to the peloton to not miss out some sunny riding showing was inspiring.
– Courageous efforts also to Bozz and Leon for solid days.

But for sheer determination and overcoming adversity – Paul takes the cake.  Three days of interuptions and he just keeps bouncing back. He also showed us all how to beautifully roll off your bike with minimal damage.  A massive thanks and pat on the back to the support team who were immediately on the scene and implementing the treatment – slick and professional – its great to know we are in such safe hands.

To the support team – another phenomenal effort:

– Nadia, did the jersey proud – the superstar domisteque – her lead foot in the Mazda blowing out the cobwebs of what could have resulted for a long walk into lunch.
– Laura – the jack of all trades – standing there waiting with exactly what you need overtime as if reading our minds. We hope your thumbs have a good recovery plan each day after filling so many water bottles.
–  Koya – continual dedication to assisiting riders with there recovery – not just each night but at every break is keeping us moving.
– Special mention to Claire and Sharon for delivering on Hammers special request of more honey for his tea.

Trying to earn some daily jersey points – The Hubbard award of the day goes to Lachie and Hugh for the sprint off into lunch.

Toms phenominal flatulance – mate, ease up on the Endura!  However, Tom was outdone once during the day by the Ride Director, Watto, who dropped a peloton covering bomb from the lead the rippled its way through to Ian and Mary in the trail support car.  But when its all said and done, Dim takes the comfort station award – watching all us blokes drain ourselves behind a tree every 20km as she hangs on for dear life until the next meal and public toilet stop.

We do have one penalty that needs some consequences – unanimous decision amongst the riders is Hammer owes us 20 push-ups for the wrong turn after breakfast.

And finally all the hard work paid off and we were rewarded with some sun, as Watto, Adrian, Robbie and Hugh led us home – well done team!

– Brad, Ash, Gary, Ray (not present Good Times)