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Andrew Greig

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Andrew Greig is Regional Sales Director at Macquarie Telecom. He has over 24 years experience in the ICT industry having previously worked at Telstra, Huawei and Optus. Andrew was born in Zambia and was educated at Grey High School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics Major) before joining the NSW Police Force in 1986, progressing to Detective before leaving in 1990 to start his own orange juice business. Later that year, Andrew was awarded the prestigious title of NSW Young Entrepreneur of the Year. This led to Andrew joining Telstra, where he spent the next 16 years of his career.

Andrew is a highly talented sportsman excelling at Triathlon (he is a 3 time Ironman finisher and represented Australia at the Age Group World Championships), Rugby and most prominently Cricket. He has represented Australia in Indoor Cricket, competed at NSW Country Cricket level, and was even plucked from the stands at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1994 by Grey High School friend Dave Callaghan to bowl leg breaks at the South African cricket team in the nets in preparation for facing Shane Warne. South Africa won the test match by 5 runs! Andrew is engaged to Lilyroo Fund committee member Jenna McDonald, and they recently became parents for the first time welcoming son Felix into the world.

Like his fiancee Jenna, Andrew envisaged Lily and his son Felix leading an adventure filled life together:

“I was there at The Women’s at Sandringham when Kristie and Pete received confirmation that Kristie’s waters had broken, and later at the Royal Women’s Hospital where I was privileged to meet Lily. Whilst I found it confronting and incredibly sad, I was extremely motivated to help my close friends Kristie and Pete. Joining the Lilyroo Fund committee was the perfect vehicle to help my friends make a difference to other couples and babies in a similar situation to Kristie, Pete and Lily. Prior to Kristie’s waters breaking I was totally unaware that such a thing could occur in a normal, healthy pregnancy. It is my hope that as well as raising funds for the Royal Women’s Hospital we are able to raise awareness of premature birth.”