Rayne Watkin

Rayne Watkin

Rayne Watkin

Fundraising Event:
Melbourne Half Marathon, Sunday 12th October 2014

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Rayne Runs for Lilyroo

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Why are you fund raising?

“I am doing this run for the Lilyroo Fund first and foremost because sadly I was not able to meet Lily and hold her hand and stand beside two very special friends in their time of need. I feel this is my way of connecting with her as no matter how difficult this run may be after just myself having a baby it is nothing compared to what Lily and her whole family have been through. I am also running because I feel so completely in awe of the incredible men and women that work with these precious lives that come into the world too soon and I want to be able to help future young lives and the best way to do that is making sure they have the best equipment at their disposal.

Simply I am running because I can and I want to help in any way possible.

Rayne is the first official fundraiser for the Lilyroo Fund. You can support her fundraising efforts by donating and/or sharing this page using the buttons below.

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