Adrian Panozzo

Adrian Panozzo

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Chief Executive Officer – Australia and Asia, Apricot Consulting

Fundraising Event:
Lilyroo Ride 2015

Fundraising page:
Adrian Panozzo

Fundraising Target:

Amount raised:

What bike(s) do you ride and how far you ride it per week?:

“I ride 300+km per week.”

Why are you fund raising?

“When our eldest boy Will arrived early and in a hurry Tracey and I felt so lucky to have access to the staff and facilities that would help him few the first few fragile weeks of life.
At least we got to bring him home – something not everyone gets to do.
The Lilyroo Ride is an opportunity to raise the awareness of the amazing work that hospitals and their staff do in support of prem babies.
As a group of riders it is also the chance to raise much needed funds for the equipment and care that prem babies need.”

You can read more about why Adrian is fundraising here.