Ash Abdou

Ash Abdou

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Director of Learning, Teaching

Fundraising Event:
Lilyroo Ride 2015

Fundraising page:
Ash’s ride for Lilyroo

Fundraising Target:

Amount raised:

What bike(s) do you ride and how far you ride it per week?:

“I have a Giant bike and ride 350km per week.”

Why are you fund raising?

“I am fundraising for three reasons:

1. Our son, Nicholas, was born at the Royal Women’s Hospital in November 2013. Prior to Nicholas my partner, Nikki, and I had experienced several unsuccessful pregnancies. The support and help of the Women’s helped us understand our situation better and put some perspective in what was an emotional time for us.

2. The challenge of taking on the ride from Adelaide to Melbourne. As an avid cyclist, I look forward to the once in a lifetime challenge.

3. Support for Kristie and Pete, the Lilyroo fund and the NISC at the Royal Women’s Hospital.”

You can read more about why Ash is fundraising here.