Grant Warnes

Grant Warnes

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Senior Property Adviser, Property Investment

Fundraising Event:
Lilyroo Ride 2015

Fundraising page:
Warnes on Wheels

Fundraising Target:

Amount raised:

What bike(s) do you ride and how far you ride it per week?:

“I ride 150km per week on a Cannondale – it’s my first ever road bike as I only started riding a year ago.”

Why are you fund raising?

“The Lilyroo Ride provides an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and personally contribute to a wonderful cause. This journey will be a special way to honour the memory of Lily’s life and help raise awareness for all the wonderful support and care provided by the Newborn Intensive & Special Care (NISC) unit at the Royal Women’s Hospital. I have no doubt this ride will be incredibly challenging and I will be drawing on the support crew, volunteers and peloton to help get me to the finish line on the 11th April 2015.”

You can read more about why Grant is fundraising here.