Mark Watkin

Mark Watkin

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Managing Director

Fundraising Event:
Lilyroo Ride 2015

Fundraising page:
Mark Rides for Lilyroo

Fundraising Target:

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What bike(s) do you ride and how far you ride it per week?:

“I ride a Focus road bike and manage to get in 400km out on the road each week. I also commute every day on my fixed gear bike, and often have my 3 year old daughter, Libby, in the child seat on the back so I can drop her off at day care on my way into work. We also have a Zeit bike, which Libby and I use on the weekends. It has room for two in the front and I’m looking forward to the day when my son, Freddy, is old enough to sit in the front alongside Libby.

Why are you fund raising?

“I saw the incredible care, facilities and importance of the NISC unit with Pete, Kristie and Lily. I’m honoured to be a member of the Lilyroo Fund committee and everything we do will be a positive step to help neonatal resources in Lily’s name, helping as many premature babies as possible. The Lilyroo Ride is a wonderful way to bring a group of like minded people together raising valuable funds, awareness and sharing a passion that can be put towards something meaningful.”

Mark is the Lilyroo Ride Director. You can read more about why Mark is fundraising here.