Pat Garrett

Pat Garrett

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Managing Director

Fundraising Event:
Lilyroo Ride 2015

Fundraising page:
Paddy Pedals for Lily

Fundraising Target:

Amount raised:

What bike(s) do you ride and how far you ride it per week?:

“I ride a Look road bike, but I recently refurbished my steel framed 20+ year old Bianchi and will be riding that during the Lilyroo Ride. I manage to squeeze in 250+km per week on the bike.”

Why are you fund raising?

“I am riding in memory of Lily Mary Lockyer, daughter of my dear friends Kristie and Pete. I was fortunate to hold Lily’s hand during her time in the NISC unit, and witness care and compassion provided to the Lockyer family that is beyond words. I want to help other sick newborns like Lily: riding from Adelaide to Melbourne is my way of doing it, and ensuring the Women’s NISC unit have the best equipment at their disposal.”

Pat is also a member of the Lilyroo Fund committee. You can read more about why Pat is fundraising here.